Diamond Shapes LP

by Diamond Shapes

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released December 5, 2014

Vocals and Guitar :: Lianna Ankney
Produced by :: Nic Snyder



all rights reserved


Diamond Shapes Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Music began as a thought. Diamond Shapes was born as a solo project but grew into a trio. Lianna, Matt, and Tina pursue songwriting and music-making with heart and soul-stirring lyrics.

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Track Name: Honeytree
Stare at my body
my skin falls in as I breathe
I’m not a body
maybe all we feel is false,
not real enough to be
I lost my body
I forgot how to breathe
I’m not a body
I will fade completely, sweetly,
tell me what you fear
We lived where we could sleep
moss fields charmed our honeybees
What we saw, we tried to see
from underneath our honeytree
Stare at your body
trembling rise, un-failed release
You’re not a body
do you feel that pulse, it’s real,
it calls you restlessly
Love flows inside of me
electric things I try to believe
but I’m not a body
I look behind and I feel fine
when you’re out of reach
Our shadows woke defiantly
they rose and fell in disbelief
What they saw, they could not keep
call your shadow back to me
As we walked through honeytrees
you gave love to me
You were all that I could see
I lost sight of my body
Now we live so men can be
made of light decidedly
What they saw, they did not seek
shaded by our honeytree
Track Name: Wild Strawberries
Wild strawberries
grow and cover me
I’m not as scared as I seem
First I had to see
her piercing blue eyes
but as I turned
they were black and white
I was once alive
long before this
up until now
only I noticed
Birds fly over me
their shadows dart and weave
all will be well you’ll see
I remember life
among the salty trees
I was floating
my love was yours to keep
I recalled a dream
busy in my mind
years and years
went by
faults grow old
with time
Wild strawberries
go and live in the sea
that’s where I long to be
Track Name: River Man
I fell in love with the river man
I’m still in love with the river man
he lost my shoes and scarred my hands, my lovely hands
I fell asleep with the river man
odds are steep with the river man
I slowly sink and turn to sand, silver sand
I will gleam and wait for thee
I lost my name, it was heavenly
When it rains, I cannot see
Wait for me
I face my fears with the river man
He tells me he’s near
and will do what he can
he’s not scared, not what I am
I can’t stay with the river man
He shows me the way
but I know where I am
I’m made of light, do you understand, sweet river man
When I wake
I’m not afraid
I’m not afraid
I will gleam and wait for thee
I lost my name, it was heavenly
When it rains, I cannot see
Wait for me
Track Name: Sounds of Love
Sometimes I want to fade
into the sounds of love
Men can breathe when we embrace
they were meant to save us
Breathing men seek to soothe
and they offer solace too
Walls are built above you
and your mind goes silent
Muddled sounds blur the truth
now your love goes quiet
Often I find that I fade and stay
today I might just fade away
Listen to the lonesome tree
swaying in the lonesome breeze
gusting past my bare knees
I’m in love
I am not scared to be
in a time that mirrors me
I know what you will see
I found you
Listen to the moon and sea
tide will breathe and it will leave
tender sounds heard distantly
men make do
You will fade soon
in the sounds of love too
Track Name: Diamond Shapes
Distance had you when I could not
as hills passed through they lived with your thoughts
when the breeze blew, it loved what you saw
I can stay far away too
My light is vague and made foolishly from you
I was brave, only the ocean knew
diamond shapes still make me think of you
A woman wept until the ground fell apart
your arms gently filled with her gaping heart
I stood softly still, I’m not where you are
I can stay far away too
my light is vague and made foolishly from you
I was brave, only the ocean knew
diamond shapes still make me think of you
I lost sight of you
the sky turned dreamy blue
you faded to red, you left too soon
I can stay far away too
my light is vague and made foolishly from you
I was brave, only the ocean knew
diamond shapes still make me think of you
Track Name: Where Your Mind Goes
I want to be where your mind goes
in the dark and as your eyes close
Work hard to stand
watch a peaceful man
and he’ll watch you too
You hear the things that no one else knows
walk soft as the handsome trees blow
This avant-garde man
fools you with his hands
but he loves you too
Peer down from above, up from below
a man is a man and thoughts will follow
I was lost when time began
I don’t come from this land
I’m only passing through too
Track Name: Resting Owl
The resting owl breathes
into motion
the forest sways
and moves in commotion
My light burns yellow
so he can see
where I stumble
on my way in the leaves
Guide me past the tracks
the iron is gone
the train is late
and I am going home
Don’t you know
I’m looking for you
we met in a winter
that was gone too soon
I’m frightened
we won’t catch the wind
how did I lose
my dearest friend
My light is dimming
owl rest with me
the dark kills night
and I cannot see
So far and so close
the owl does breathe
we’re almost home
with your love you must be
You’re weak and you're frail
when he’s not near
your body fails
it cannot breathe the air
Walk towards
the least charming tree
don’t look up
at its leaves
Its beauty lies there
under the soil
roots grow deep
they spin and coil
This is where I’ll be
under these un-charming leaves
holding hope that you will see
the light that’s burning next to me
Track Name: Yellow Canoe
The yellow canoe
swims down the red river
where men sleep and kill each other
The gray cold mountain
stares down at the river
canoe take me somewhere better
Rocks fall loudly on my shoulders
crashing boulders strain my body
You weep profoundly for the soldiers
bodies colder, the warm caught me
Fate pulls us down sea, we wade slower
fear holds composure, you’ve not lost me
You don’t have to
doubt that love can
find its way to you canoe
Track Name: Blue
I stare out into the blue
when I turn to look at you
everything floods to green
I turn my eyes in disguise
back towards the outpouring skies
you’re white and pure, it seems
I lost you
when the blue faded to green
Above men
while lightening’s storming
the sun fades
and rain starts pouring
My eyes close
while your heart’s luring
you come near
and I’m adoring
I’ll make my way
back to morning
when the night
has begun un-forming
I lost you
when the blue faded to green
When we woke in June
yellow light had me confused
Clouds begin to bloom
longing for something pure too
Track Name: Juniper Bird
Twining vines climb and climb
past the flying juniper bird
Swirling seas whirl unease
swallowing up the hazelnut
You don’t scare me sea
you’re only water and a breeze
you don’t scare me
you don’t scare me
I will dive and fly below
your waves
to find my treasure
you stole from me that day
I will swim
among the waves
among the fishes
among the caves
I will look
for you below
the darkness grows
and life moves slow
I will see
where you are resting
the seaweed is nesting
you are a blessing
You were a stranger
among these creatures
they were frightened
of your features
Come with me, we will go home
I can’t go back there alone
I pull you up into the air
we are almost there my dear
The blue fades fast and far behind
we belong where the vine untwines
We live quaint among the moss
our bed is green and it is soft
among the moss